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Welcome to Lifecycle-sme Duesseldorf Datacentre for SAP Business Intelligence as a Service, Home Office IT- Remote Support Consultants/ERP Key Business Functions, IBM and Microsoft Software Applications Support (eMail Suites, Server 2008 - 2012 R2), Research & Development Storage Platform (Multichanneling) for Cloud Computing Network.

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We are a bunch of IT Business Intelligence Experts providing incomparable Tools, Home Office IT Remote Support Specialist's, Server Administration and Recruitment Packages with Professionalism, very good upkeeps and Breed that your company needs because we will never trade something else you do not require.

Our Enterprise is specialized in ranges of IT Activities delivering competencies that defines business performance management, Data warehousing, key performance indicators (KPI), Dashboards and investment in Research and Development as well as Selling Software, Electronics and Computer Devices to Innovative Business Customers.

Lifecycle-sme has also engaged in SAP Professional Recruiting, Applications Support and Innovations varying from Storage Solutions, Cloud Computing Hosting for various Clientele as well as helping Media Organisations develop Predictives and Business growth in the EU and the entire wide World.
However, not only that, we infact offer additional Support services for IBM Lotus Notes - People Business software, Microsoft - Office Outlook, providing the quality of bending easily and compromising applications.
We help End User’s access Knowledge & the wealth of Lotus Notes, Microsoft - office Outlook information thereby bringing business messaging with various Products together to enhance throughput.
Our aim is to provide the power of multifarious project managements that will add value to objectives and Researches, which significantly ensure deliverables in executing Processes and statistical analysis of innovation Projects.
We have taken the objective to Tackle Societal Challenges and Industrial Leadership to operate profitably and effectively engage ourselves to the development of innumerable technologies as well as collaborative projects to help Europe and the World run their economic goals much better.
Lifecycle-sme has partnered with ARCTUR WEBUNIVERSE, a specialized and leading provider of high performance computing services in Europe offering HPC system administrations, code optimization and parallelization facilities. We ensure that information is stored, closed and delivered expeditiously.